A Little About Us

HI! We are Joe and Debi Profeta.
* We have been married for almost 16 years and we have twins, a girl/boy almost 11 years old.
* We are both Christ followers who are members of a non-denominational church.
* Joe is an IT salesman and a part time caterer.
* Debi is for the most part a stay at home mom who home-schools our twins and works
part time on staff at our church as the music/media assistant.
* The amount of random knowledge that Joe has would scare you.
* Debi loves all things painting/arts & crafts and jewelry making.
* To this day Joe does not have a Facebook page but he does have a LinkedIn page.
* Debi uses her Facebook page as a ministry to share God’s Word and encourage others.
* Our favorite thing to do is to just hang out together as a family.

* We intend to blog regularly, hopefully at least weekly.
* Our intentions for this blog are to write about scriptures that we are studying, our views on the
world, maybe some funny stories about our family, some parenting tips and some marriage tips.
We hope that what we write helps you in your walk with Christ and with your own relationship
with your family.



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