Things I used to think when I was a kid

When I was a kid I would restart my video game if I knew I was going to lose. If I couldn’t decide which cereal to have in the morning, I would have two bowls and alternate between them, usually not finishing either one. I had that one pen with six colors and I tried to push all the buttons at the same time. I tried to burn ants with a magnifying glass but always got to impatient, so I never succeeded. I would wait behind a door to scare someone, but if they took too long I would leave. Remember Lawn Darts, I would throw them into the air and run like crazy. I would fake being asleep when my parents checked on me. I would dare all my friends to eat the dog biscuits we had and of course I would have to do it too so they would, but I liked them. I would worry like crazy if I ate a seed from a piece of fruit, that it would grow in my stomach. I would pour my soda into the cap and sip it like some kind of aristocrat. I thought monsters lived under my bed. Whenever I slept over at a friend’s house and I would wake up before them, I would just lay there looking up at the ceiling until they woke up. I could never stay mad at a friend if they made me laugh. My mom and dad never played stay off the floor because its lava, they thought we were crazy. I always thought volleyball was the grownup version of don’t let the balloon hit the floor. I would make grill cheese in the toaster by laying the toaster on its side, no one knew. I never understood how John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt could have my name too. I thought earwigs tried to get in your ear. I thought the song “Bad Moon Rising” was bathroom on the right. I thought thunder was God bowling. I use to think gunpoint was a place and wondered why so many bad people lived there. I thought there was a left sock and a right sock; it took me forever to put my socks on.

If you have any fond or embarrassing moments you are willing to share we would love to hear them.

We hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane.



One thought on “Things I used to think when I was a kid

  1. rachelpeace says:

    Reblogged this on PeaceRonnie<3 and commented:
    I still think this. Haha

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