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This will be a sore subject if your awareness has not been dulled by the constant presence of an electronic device plastered before your face. This might seem a verbal slight but I assure you it is meant for me. My wife and I both have IPhones an IPad, an older IPhone because I didn’t want to part with it. Our kids both have Kindle Fires. We have media players, computers. And a large bandwidth pipe along will data packages in which to empower them to collect all the information we could possible want and more than we could possible consume.

Do you find that your appetite for digital media comes before a real conversation, a face to face conversation? Does your conversation contain phrases like “Did you see?” “Did you read?” “Check out this meme?” “Did you see what they posted?” The thing is who doesn’t love their smartphone, their tablet, it keeps us connected and we can justify the cost by saying it makes us more efficient, we are more available. Efficiency is what drives the bigger picture in our country, to do it better and faster while costing less and because of this thinking, technology will continue to grow without provocation. Have you ever considered that our focus has been torn from real relationship to that of a superficial digital illusion?

Maggie Jackson Wrote in her book: Distracted: The erosion of Attention and the coming Dark Age “Lose the will to focus deeply, to point the compass of our lives firmly in one another’s direction, and we become islands.” It is a warning about trying to be everywhere at once.

Almost everyone you know has some sort of social media, but looking at the larger picture nearly one out of ten people on Earth have a Facebook account. We are in love with our digital media, to the point that we don’t see how we can live without it and we don’t want to try. It is available at our fingertips on any of our devices at any moment, including when we are standing in front of someone in the middle of a conversation.

Most of what comes at us through social media, email and the internet is meant for no one in particular and it serves no usefulness in our lives. It can be like drinking from a fire hose, we are drowning in the amount of information that is coming at us and it will get worse. America won’t be slowing down when it comes to technology we want more and we want it faster, and the rest of the world isn’t far behind.

As I go back over what was just written I realize it comes across as a bit of a rant. I am guilty, I wrote this for myself. I have done and do most of these things. The only successful avoidance so far has been not having a Facebook page; I know what I would do with that, sarcasm would reign supreme if I went there. So I will occasionally live vicariously through my wife’s Facebook Page. Many might say but in moderation everything is okay. If we are honest with ourselves how often do we act in moderation? Are we more excited about our smartphone than our Bible? I can hear it now, “But my smartphone is my Bible!” Guess what; so is mine. Do we spend more time on social media, on the internet than we do with God, than we do with our spouse, or with our kids? Do our relationships come second to our need for digital media? Another way of putting that is: How do you react when your internet is down or slow?



One thought on “Social Media

  1. Love, love the message. Unplugit. turn it off. No electric days. All are montras I have spoken to me kids so often. My son, now in college, actually preferrs to talk vs text. I think that is progress

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