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We have missed you! You must please forgive our lack of blogging we simply have been very busy. One of the things that has kept us so busy has been a ministry called Discovery Weekends. Just think 36 hours with God and no distractions. We just finished a women’s weekend and are in the final weeks of the 3 month preparation period for the men’s weekend coming up April 12-14th (seats still available if you are interested) If you would like to know more here is the website:
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Now I am going to climb onto my soapbox!

“Mommy, Mommy can I please have a Facebook page? I know it says you are supposed to be thirteen years old but can I mommy pleeeeaaaaase?”

Okay, so right now you have to make a choice. Now, not just any choice, but a choice that could affect your child and how she/he sees and respects authority in their lives.

Just go with me on this one, I have been so upset when I see how many Christian families make decisions to please their kids just because they want their kid to stop nagging them and leave them alone. But I really don’t think that any parent that allows their child to break the rules realizes what they are actually doing and showing that child. Here are just a few that our almost 11 year old twins came up with when we asked them what the child of the above question would be teaching their child by saying “YES” to that question. Here are the answers they gave:

1. Teaching kids that the rules/laws don’t apply to them
2. That it’s okay to lie
3. It’s okay to break the rules
4. Rules aren’t important

Now, what does God say about these things: Just look at the 10 commandments, how many of those are being broken by allowing this to happen. Well let’s see:

Thou shalt not lie
Thou shalt not put any other God before me

So just because all their other friends have a facebook they now need one too so they can be like their friends out there in that world. We are a holy people set apart by God and for God therefore, we are to be different and if waiting for the rules to apply to us then so be it.

If you really truly love Christ, then love your children by being a better example and show them how they can wait with JOY to become the right age and not just give it to them because thats what everyone else is doing.

Let me be perfectly honest here: I have actually had kids younger than 13 send me a friend request and I will decline it every time because they should not be on Facebook yet. I know this is about Facebook but really it’s about conforming to this ridiculously broken world we live in. We are not to conform to the patterns of this world any longer. We are supposed to be in the world and NOT of it. If we are doing everything the way the world is doing it how will we ever stand out as different?

Climbing down off my soapbox now…….

Is Giving Up An Option?

Have you ever tried to have a relationship with someone and you tried and tried and still get no response from them? I would imagine that this must be how God feels with the people He pursues and they don’t respond at all.

Think about this: how does God respond to people who don’t respond to Him? How do we respond to the people who don’t respond to us? If we truly are Christ followers we need to think about these questions because we really should be responding the same way God does. He does not give up, He continues to pursue, sometimes quietly and sometimes He hits you right between the eyes with a 2×4. Now I’m not saying we should go around hitting people with 2×4’s either. We should always respond with love and respect. How have you been responding? I know that I have been getting angry and wanting to grab a couple people and just shake them. But guess what? I can’t do that! You know why? Because I can’t change them, only God is capable of changing them. What I can do is give it to Him daily, sometimes minute by minute and wait patiently for God to start with making changes in me first.

God doesn’t want us to have broken, painful relationships with others. We are commanded to love everyone with His love that He puts in our hearts. So, here I am loving my God and waiting patiently for the next thing He asks me to do