Beloved, has God changed your heart? Is HE still working in your heart? Are you having trouble forgiving someone? Listen, our God is big enough to change not only you but whoever you are having trouble forgiving. Let go of the chains YOU are holding onto. Please hear me, you are not shackled anymore but when you CHOOSE not to forgive & you CHOOSE not to deal with your junk you are CHOOSING to HOLD onto those chains. God says FORGIVE so then He will forgive us. God’s word clearly says that if we don’t forgive others He won’t forgive us.

“If you forgive the failures of others, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you don’t forgive others, your Father will not forgive your failures.
~ Matthew 6:14-15

Let go of the chains that are keeping you captive. Aren’t they heavy?


2 thoughts on “Chains

  1. Dale Dickinson says:

    The struggle for many of us – and I am certainly talking mostly about myself here – is “how” do we let go of those chains? For me this was a lesson that took years to grasp, and finally apply. I had to start to see others as God saw them – as broken people who made mistakes. Most of these people to whom I held resentments probably tried their best most of the time, but sometimes failed, and needed grace; other times they may not have meant well so God taught me to see them as sick, as fallen people who needed mercy. God has shown me both grace and mercy for my failures and sins, so I had to start to have this view of others before I was able to let go of those very heavy chains. As I started this journey I found that those shackles were really chains that confined me, not the other person. To resent them was for me to re-feel the hurt and anger, over and over; they had probably long forgotten the instances I remembered vividly and often. These chains hurt us – when we start to have God’s perspective of our neighbors/friends/family we can loosen and finally drop the chains that hold us back from enjoying life fully, living in forgiveness of others as God generously allows us to live, forgiven by Christ.

    • That is truly what we have to do, Dale. We have to ask Him to let us see others the way He sees them and to break our hearts for what breaks His. The transformation that happens as we allow God to teach us how to let go of those chains and trust Him can be ugly-beautiful all at the same time and totally worth the journey!

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