Christian Interrupted

Do you like interruptions? Most of us don’t, what we need to consider is that God can only use us if we are willing to be interrupted from the things we are doing. Discipleship is messy and at times difficult and when people struggle it usually isn’t at opportune times, so are we letting ourselves be interrupted or even worse are we sitting around making excuses; because Christ told us to go make disciples. But before we go and make disciples we need to examine our own lives and ask ourselves if it’s a life that should be replicated.

One of the hardest things about discipleship for us to do and teach a Christian is accountability; we avoid it not because we don’t want someone to feel bad, but because we don’t want them to blame us for making them feel bad. When it comes to sin we all know what we do, and most of us know how we do it, but very few know why they do it. When we keep each other accountable we need to see clearly the why and we need to be disciplined in the how and the what.

I believe the resistance of the flesh comes from the moving away from selfishness and comfort. A step towards faith is a step away from comfort and the flesh resists this and when we disciple we need to encourage and lift up because fear is always around when someone doesn’t know what comes next. Remember it takes courage to embrace the broken instead of the comfortable. And no matter how hard we try, we won’t make everyone happy and we can’t make anyone read their Bible and we can’t make them pray and we can’t make them fall in love with Jesus, but we can continue to point them to Him. We need to remember that we are never going to make Christianity cool, it offends and if it doesn’t then it’s not the gospel. It’s not our ideas that can change people it’s God and don’t forget He has changed the convictions in our own hearts, so lead with your heart. For it’s our hearts that contain the hope that God has given us and too many people live their lives with an absence of hope.

Discipleship is hard but if we are being obedient to God we will face opposition and we will be criticized. Everything significant and everything new and effective will face resistance. Remember in the face of resistance, opposition, and being criticized prayer is the difference between the best you can be and the best God can do.


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